No matter what your style is for suit, the fabric will either make the suit or break it. Everything comes down to the fabric. Your taste and preference is what makes the difference between your suit and another man’s suit, what you choose is what you will be recalled for, so take your time when picking the fabric of your suit, the feel, the look the way it looks will all be dependent on the fabric, with so many choices in fabrics patterns and designs, take the time before deciding.

Branded Fabrics

Wain Shiell

With a long history in the fashion world, Shiell has retained their elegance and grace over the centuries, going as far back as 1830’s, Shiell has brought sophistication and style every step of the way, never losing quality or superiority over the decades.

Loro Piana

With roots in Italy, they are known for their beautifully designed cashmere and wool clothing. Leading the world in their fine fabrics and designed a label that is known for their excellent quality and craftsmanship.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna is known for its unique design and style that can grace any occasion or event. Providing styles for every season with a unique blend of the finest fabrics available.Among the top fashion houses of the world.

Charles Clayton

Known for their craftsmanship and handling of worsted suitings around the world. Their suits speak of luxury without flaunting with, give sophistication and grace to every move made. A legendary label from England that has without stood the test of time.


Usually light in color, have a tendency to wrinkle very badly, unless constructed properly. The construction of a cotton tie must be extremely well done to ensure that it is able to retain its shape and look.A company that is known for having the finest fabric in pure wool.Reda has always been known for its style and elegance.


A name that has been around from the mid 1800’s, known for their exquisite clothing in timeless British style. Their fabrics are finely crafted and worn by Presidents and Kings around the world. Created from the rarest fibers that nature has to offer, to ensure the finest clothing is created and worn.


Is a well-known worldwide label for its unique styles and colors. Versace is known for their striking colors and designs, with materials and cuts that stand out from the norm and draw attention anywhere they are seen. They trend and set the line for what good fashion sense is and how one should dress.



This is very rarely used for suits, as it has a very unique V-shaped pattern in the weave of the fabric. Its more likely to be seen on sports jackets.


This is a multi-purpose jacket, designed not only to be a cascual jacket but to actually provide warmth. It is strong, heavy material, the fabric is warm trapping body heat in. It can be worn almost anywhere and especially during the winter months as it is also resistant to moisture. Tweed though is rough and coarse not soft to the touch.


This fabric can be worn professionally or socially. Worsted doesn’t wrinkle and has a drapery flow it can be worn in the winter and in warm climate, is breathable fabric. Due to its multi use factor and its ability to breathe it is more preferred as suit fabric.


This fabric is light, soft and extremely fine, yet it is still a fabric that is strong and can last a very long time. This suit is ideal for extreme colds or early winters, late falls season as cashmere is an insulator for heat, but is light to wear and extremely soft.


If you prefer extremely fine quality fabric that is soft to the touch inside and out, than this is your fabric. Merino is designed for mild winters and spring weather.



Ideal as a summer suit, as it is breathable, light and soft. Even though it is an amazing fabric that provides elegance during the summer it is hard to maintain as it wrinkles quickly, just from sitting.


Much easier to manage than cotton does not wrinkle as quickly, is light and ideal for summers and hot climates. It does require regular cleaning as linen does stain easy.


Casual Oxford

Known for its patterned and colored shirts for casual wear with buttoned down collars are its signature. The fabric itself is coarse but still soft and comfortable to wear.

Casual Broadcloth

This is a popular choice for formal day to day wear. It is has tight weave making the pattern look exquisite.

Casual Poplin

Much like oxford but is made of light and thicker yarn, where light is weaved one way and the thicker is interweaved. Is easy with colors and is mostly worn on casual bases.



Most made form cotton, more specifically pique cotton. This is most popular for black or white tie events. Cotton shirts are breathable and top of the line for determine and judging fabrics.


These shirts are a blend of polyester and cotton, these shirts are wrinkle resistant are warmer and have an appealing appearance.



Usually light in color, have a tendency to wrinkle very badly, unless constructed properly. The construction of a cotton tie must be extremely well done to ensure that it is able to retain its shape and look.


Number one fabric used for ties, it give elegance, grace, its light weight, beautiful patterns or solid colors. One of the strongest natural materials, it is wrinkle free, it defines a man’s wardrobe.