Worst 7 Common Suiting Mistakes Men Do

“Personality is not the first thing people notice it is your suit “

Behind every great man, there’s at least one suit hanging in his closet for all big personal or professional days, you may be wearing extremely expensive suit but these mistakes will definitely not serve the purpose and impact inversely.

1-Misfit Suitit wiill send your jacket and trousers straight into worst dressed territory. you’re better off dressing down and looking good than dressing up if your clothing doesn’t fit well, also if you’ve gained or lost weight, consider getting your suit altered. Don’t go to a meeting with a baggy jacket or tight pants.

2-A jacket that’s too long or shortIf your suit jacket isn’t supposed to graze your knee cap, recommended length is finding a jacket that stops where your thumb falls naturally.

3-The Incredible Disappearing Shirt Cuff you’ve got one of two problems: either your shirt sleeve is too short or your jacket sleeve is too long. Either way, it’s a style mistake needs to be fixed. The shirt sleeve should be about .5 inch longer than jacket sleeve.

4-The Pant Leg Paddle This is how much of the trouser leg is folded or creased above where the bottom of fabric meets your shoe, Quatre break is the most stylish ideal look for the modern business man.

5-Linebacker Shoulder Pads If the jacket looks like it’s hanging on a wire hanger when you’ve got it on, it’s time you started dressing for your body, not your aspirational body.

6- Not Choosing Right fabric pattern A stylist/Experienced tailor can help you Choosing Right Fabric Pattern & Style as per your body build

7- Ignoring the importance of quality fabrics Cheap materials can be spotted a mile off. Avoid polyester fabric as they'll bring a sheen to the surface of the fabric over time, or anything uncomfortable against the skin – because you just won't want to wear it.

Research shows your style and the clothes you choose reflects and affects your mood, health, and overall confidence and play a major role in your success. Understand your body and suiting Etiquettes and chose Tailor/Stylist wisely .

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