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Unlike men that are restricted to wearing trousers in different forms, women are far more fortunate in regards to the variety of styles they can wear. Unlike men, they not only can wear trousers, in slim fit, boot fit or just casual. They also are able to wear dresses and skirts. When it comes to these two option the choices are endless. They can mix and match, wear skirt suits, which can be long or short. Whatever takes their fancy. Point being women have a lot of choices. But before making a choice, any man or woman should first take a moment to determine their particular body type. This is essential in ensuring that the clothing that they wear not only looks good, but it feels good and makes them look good.


Skirts can be worn long, short, at mid-thigh or mid-calf. The options are numerous. You can wear a flouncing skirt or an A-line one, ever considered wearing a pencil or bubble skirt. Well the sky is the limit. But before deciding on a style consider what style is best suited to you.

Heavy waistline

Women who have a heavy waistline should consider wearing A-line skirts that will help enhance their legs and other features, pulling attention away from their waistline. Wearing long skirts or pleated skirts will also help give a narrow look to a heavy waistline. Avoid wearing skirts that draw attention to the waistline, such as belted skirts. These will draw more attention to a heavy waistline.

Heavy bottom

A women with a heavy bottom should also consider wearing a slim fit skirts. Ideally, wearing a solid color giving an elongated look helps to take a heavy bottom and make it look slim. Wearing form fitting skirts with a jacket that ends before the waistline helps create a slimming look. The ideal skirt would be a pencil skirt that fits but doesn't cling, never consider wearing a skirt that is made from clingy material. The best length would be to the knees or mid-calf if you prefer something longer.

Flat Bottom

Women who are fighting their flat bottoms and trying to give them some depth should consider wearing trumpet skirts. These are skirts that add a flare just below the butt enhancing a woman's flat bottom giving it depth. Wearing miniskirts or pencil skirts only makes a flat bottom look even more flat. Consider short A-line skirts that pinch in the waist, avoid fabric that just hangs there, consider fabric that is stiff.


Finding the right skirt for a woman with curves can sometimes be hard and trying to figure out just what to wear can drive a woman insane. You want to look good and feel good at the same time. Well no more worries. For women with a beautiful curvy body, the best type of skirts are A-line, pencil, pleated or flared skirts. These will help elongate areas that seem heavier giving a slimming look. Avoid material that is clingy as it can make your body look heavier rather than giving it the slimming look you might have been aiming for.

No Curves

Women with no curves might constant wonder how they can get curves. Well now you can! All you have to do is know what style to wear. To help get some curves consider wearing tight skirts that pinch in at the waist to help create a curve in the body. Whether the skirt is short or long that will be entirely based on height. Wear ones that are form fitting. When wearing a form fitted skirt consider a knit top. You should also consider skirts that are flowing giving depth. You can even consider wearing the new bubble skirts which help create a curve or even mermaid skirts that create the illusion of curves without making you look heavier.


For those ladies that have gorgeous legs that run on for miles, you have been graced by nature. But sometimes it can be hard to figure out just how to show off those amazing legs that nature gave you. Deciding on whether you should be showing them off or hiding them undercover can sometimes be a problem. Well, let us make it easy for you to decide. For anyone with long legs the ideal skirt should end just above your knees. Having a skirt end just above the knees gives grace and helps to avoid making a beautiful women look to severe, it allows a woman to look graceful and super sexy. Giving a clean long look that is balanced from head to toe.


Women on the shorter side should consider avoiding the ankle length skirt, better known as the maxi skirt. Such a skirt actually makes a women of shorter height look even smaller giving a squat look. If you still want to wear something along the long side consider wearing a midi skirt that comes to mid-calf help to make your legs look longer consider wearing heels to give yourself height and creating length. The ideal skirt to wear would be above the knees or something shorter.