Milan Tailors

Milan Tailors

Sports Jacket - $500 to 5000

Stylist to suggest you.

Options to choose jacket styles.

Hand stitch lapel on request.

Your personal name embraided.

Choose your own lining from funky to simple colors.

Choose your extra ticket pocket.

Option To choose functional button, non-functional buttons or kissing /overlapping buttons.

We put pipping inside the jacket to even give nice look from inside and to hold lining firmly with jacket fabric.

We use extra sweat pads under the jacket arm.

Slacks - $300 & up

We use cotton pocket to avoid electric static.

We put extra pocket inside the pocket to save your cell phone.

Half silk lining to give you more comfort.

We use elastic waste band to hold up your tag in shirt.

Extra in force material on the hams so your slacks drape up nicely.

Shirts - $170 & up

On your request we can put reusable stays in your collar.

Choice of soft or hard collar.

Choose your own pocket style or placements.

Your initials embroidered.

Styles options to choose from using mix & match fabric.

You can even bring your own style.

Top Coats - $800 To 8000

Verity of special fabrics, colors & styles of wool & cashmere.

Custom Shoes - $2000 & Up

Snake, alligator, ostrich & crocodile skin leather made to order shoes.


Bow ties, socks, ties & cufflinks, ladies silk scarfs & gift cards.

Bow Ties - $15 & Up

Available in assorted colors & designs.

Ladies Pure Silk Scarfs - $30 & Up

Available in assorted colors & designs.

Luxury Silk Ties - $40 & Up

Choices of so many patterns & colors just right for any suit you want to contrast or match with Free Tie for you with every suit we tailor.