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I met the people behind Milan Tailors while shopping in Hong Kong and have been a happy customer for more than three years.Qaiser provide exceptional service, and quality products; I have purchased several suits and shirts and will keep shopping. Thank You!
By George Adamidis

I was referred to Qaiser by my son-in-law. Because my body type isn’t typical, I never look good in a suit; but the fabrics and details in my tailored suit make me look like a million bucks. I also like that I picked the style – I don’t like that slender “Euro” look. I was so impressed I bought another two suits after receiving my first and I look great in all of them! Thanks Milan Tailors!
By Demetre

I needed a new suit rather quickly for my sister’s wedding in Europe and Milan Tailors delivered a beautiful suit in time for my flight. Nothing beats a tailored suit, and I looked great! Very satisfied!
By Tony Martini

I’m the manager of a high-end business hotel located in Berlin, and I was very impressed with the knowledge and service offered by Qaiser from Milan Tailors. Milan Tailors offers incredible value and quality, so we decided to contract our staff uniforms to them. How our staff is presented to customers adds to the experience in our hotel, and with custom tailored suits, our staff look as good as our guests.
By William Berlin

Hi , I received the jacket today and it is perfectly sized, thank you. When should i expect my other 2 suits and could i have them the same size as this brown one
By Abraham

Hi Nick, I am happy with the suits and shirts you sent. What I want to know is when is the next trip you are making to the United States. I think I recall you saying it was going to be sometime in September. I am interested in doing business with you again
By Adam (London, UK)

Dear Nick The two suits you made for me are excellent. The Birds eye fabric is actually of a better quality than I remember in the swatch book. The jackets are 100x better than the last jackets you made for me. If I were being critical, I would note that the jacket sleeves are a little too long and the side adjusters on the trousers are also too long so they flap about. Neither of these things spoil the suits for me. The very good news is that I met my friend, Mr Federman, for lunch last week and he thought the suit looked fantastic.
By Adam

Yesterday I received my three-piece suit, the two shirts and the tie..Thank you very much. Everything is perfect. I am very happy.
By Alexandre

Andrew TAS, Australia Dear Sir, My name is Andrew and I had a suit made for me recently while I was visiting Hong Kong: the fitting was done on Friday July 7, and I collected it on Saturday July 8-I dont have my customer number with me at the moment. Moon was the gentleman who served me. I am very happy with your suit, so much so that I am wearing the jacket regularly with other pants as a smart casual style, which leads me to fear that I will wear it out much sooner than the matching trousers. Therefore I was wishing to find out how much it would cost to have another jacket made up, possibly a bit more casual than the one I have i.e. two buttons with a lower front? I look forward to your response.
By Andrew

Anne Duncan Wellington, New Zealand Good afternoon , Just to let you know that the suits have arrived and they fit very well. Thank you for taking time to put this right, and I look forward to doing business again with you in the future. Warm regards,
By Anne

Dear Qaiser, Good to hear from you both. I am certain business is going well, but more importantly, I hope you and your families are healthy and happy. Receiving this e-mail is quite a co-incidence. I am very pleased you will be visiting Canada i nthe near future. Allow me to explain; One of my best friends is getting married next fall I have CCed him on this e-mail and had asked me my opinion to refer some tailors I knew. My buddy has been shopping around and mentioned that he wanted me and the rest of his ushers to get custom made suits for his wedding. I immediately thought of Milan, and told him to wait before making any arrangements with another tailor in the city. As a testament to the dilligent work and great service your firm has provided both my father and myself, I want my friend to consider Milan to prepare the suits for the male members of the bridal party. Here are the details: We are about about 6 men, all looking to get custom suits for the event. We will most probably need a shirt each as well. I will keep you posted as to what we decide. On a side note, I had given your business card to a friend of mine, Rami Soltan, this summer. Did he ever contact you?
By Arturo

Jamie London, UK Hi, I visited Hong Kong in November 2004 and purchased a suit from you which I must say I have been extremely happy with. I am interested in getting a new suit and wonder if you would still have my measurements, if so can you let me know the cost of a duplicate suit to be sent to the UK. Ideally I am looking for the same suit but in Black. I look forward to your response. Thanks Jamie
By Ashley

Jo ACT, Australia Morning! Thank you for the beautiful suits. All three 2 for Justin and 1 for Bob arrived yesterday afternoon. I cant believe you were able to make and post Bobs suit in such a quick time!!!! We are exceptionally happy with our purchases. Thank you
By Jo

I received the tuxedo, shirt and bow tie yesterday… It looks and fits great… Thanks for the gift tie and scarf, you have own a long term customer. I look forward to having my mother pick up the other two suits in October and hope to order a few shirts and slacks soon. Good luck to you guys.
By Carlos (Miami, USA)

Hello , We received your card from some friends who have purchased suits from you while travelling in Hong Kong and were very happy with your work. I am interested in getting some suits/shirts/ties made for my husband for Christmas, and we understand that you are occassionally in the Toronto area to do fittings. Would you please let me know if you are available to do this and what the steps would be for getting a suit made. Thanks so much. We look forward to hearing from you
By Cinda and Darryl (Cambridge, Canada)

Dear - I received my first shipment of suits and I am very pleased ! They are beautiful ! Thank you. Best regards for a Happy New Year – Colleen
By Colleen (MA, USA)

Good morning I’ve been given your details by a gentleman by the name of Matt. Matt advised that he uses your services and is very happy with your suits. He sent me the flier about your visit to Australia and I was wondering if you could please provide me with some examples of the prices of your suits, styles ie do you make mens and ladies. Also what dates will you be here? Thanks, Debbie
By Debbie (NSW, Australia)

Hello , We received the package today with my wifes first suit. She has tried the suit and it fits perfectly for her. This is the way that she likes the suit cut. Please proceed with the remaining clothes for my wife. Thank you
By Daniel (TX, USA)

Hi All, Happy New Year and I hope 2013 brings much peace, happiness and good health to you all. The pant for my mother is fantastic. Thank you so much. Im going to order three more pairs - black, khaki and white. I will take some photos of the pant you made so that we can simplify to keep the cost lower. I will also need another inch taken in at the hip on the new ones. Finally, we lost one of the silver buttons on the pockets and am hopeful you can perhaps post one in the future. I will get back to you.
By Jason (VIC, Australia)

Dear , both the trousers and the shirts fit fairly well. The shirts a little bit enlarged, as required, even better as the prevous ones. Thank you very much. Best regards,
By Jiri (Czech Republic)

Thank you so much. You have been a wonderful help, Your service is outstanding and we really appreciate everything you have done to accommodate us. I will give my mother your address for pick up. Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing the suit!
By Joanne (SA, Australia)

Thank you, Received suit & I am very happy with it! Thanks for such good service. Sincerely Glenda
By Glenda (QLD, Australia)

Qaiser, Thank you so much. I received the package on Friday at my office unless there is a second one. Everything looks great and fits great! And my wife is happy that I no longer look "frumpy." : As you work future schedules please let me know when you will be in the DC area again.
By Josh (Washington DC, USA)

The suits all arrived and fit perfectly. Many thanks for your assistance and service.
By Justin (NSW, Australia)

Hi Qaiser, Please let me know when you are in Regina as I both need shirts and suits. I am extremely happy with the last shirts you made for me and look forward to receiving my next purchases.
By Ron (SK, Canada)

Hello Alex & Oaiser, I consider you fellows as friend not our tailor shop only. I wish you a healthy, happy and successful New year coming.
By Marvin (Hong Kong)

Dear Sirs: The suit arrived today. I am very happy with your excellent service and delivery. Will continue to buy from you.
By Mauricio (Miami, USA)

Thank you for your letter advising you will be in New Zealand in July. Are you able to provide me with a range of costings for your suits? I was very happy with the suits I purchased two years ago and some of my colleagues may also be interested.
By Richard (Auckland, New Zealand)

Greetings from Ireland. Hope you are all well in Hong Kong and selling plenty of suits. I was with you in August and bought a suit and a trousers from you.Both of which i am very happy with. I would like you to make a black trousers with good material the same as the beige one you made fro me in August.The reference number is 4630. Let me know if you receive this.What is the weather like in H.K. now. We are starting our winter and it is very cold. Cheers Martin
By Martin (Ireland)

Happy new year to you all Christmas was good and the new year has started well hope it’s the same for you guys the suits are good and we will maybe be ordering again later in the year.
By Mike (UK)

Dear Mr. Qaiser, I was your customer in 2007 or 2008? as part of LINEAS in Braunschweig. I bought a fine business suit in the "affordable" price segment. I am still happy with it. Now I am here in the DLR. Our institute has about 150 members and about 7 people answered, when I sent an email around. We have many young professionals and students here. Thats not much, but perhaps Brauschweig again LINEAS is part of your European Tour? Is a meeting possible?
By Mick and Maria

Hello, received my suits and shirts this week and have to say they are absolutely superb, im very happy indeed. I look forward to dealing with you again.
By Paul (UK)

Gentlemen: I ordered a suit and a shirt from Hong Kong on 30 July 2012, ref number 8998. I received my package yesterday. I am extremely happy with the quality and fit of the suit . I liked the shirt but I would like to have it a bit wider in the bicep/tricep area and There was no Monogram YSP. I would like to order a charcoal gray suit in the same style as my previous order Ref # 8998. I am also interested in some additional shirts but would like to see some samples.
By Yale (NC, USA)

this is Peter writing you. How are you? How is Nick? How is your business? I hope everything is quite well !!! I hope also that your shopsign looks nice above the streets of Kimberly Road and that all your clients now know where Albert is. Yesterday I saw Dirk. He was wearing his new suit. He said that he is very happy about it. He likes the fabric very much and he told me that the suit is very comfortable. He also has again a new client for you when Nick is coming to Bocholt at the end of November. I informed Dirk that I will write a e-mail to you, so he told me to do him a favour and let you know that the vests you made for him are both in black. But, he wanted to have one in black and the other one matching to his new suit. Do you understand what he means? I hope so! If you have any questions, write a e-mail to him. OK, Albert, please say hello to Nick. Also best regards to your family.
By Peter (Bocholt, Germany)

Pants are great. Shirt is great. Thanks for all your help. Phil
By Phil (BC, Canada)

Dear, the suits and slacks have arrived and are as always very nice look and quality, thank you very much. Yes, the leather jacked I was talking about was the one from the picture you attached
By Philipp (Germany)

hi, if received your e-mail about the tour around europe. In the past i have ordered a suit from you true my company. That was in the hague in the netherlands for studentdrivers. There were my measures taken and im very happy with my suit, and therefore i want a another one. Is it possible that i can order a new suit without seeing you here in the netherlands or that you contact me that you are around? Because its just me that want to buy one. I hope to hear soon from you
By Pim (Netherlands)

Dear Jade, I am happy to tell you that Mr. Pohl is VERY enthusiastic about his new suit!! It fits perfectly! You can now produce and send the rest of the order. Thank you!!
By Ralph (Bocholt, Germany)

Dear Gaiser, I have not forgotten your excellent service and fine clothes, together with the fun of meeting your team in Hong Kong! I shall be renewing part of my wardrobe early in the New Year, and intend to continue to patronise Milan Tailors. Thank you very much for your seasonal greetings, which I reciprocate. With all good wishes for your happiness and prosperity!
By Robert P. (UK)

My package has arrived! Thank You! Everything is perfect . Thanks again,
By Mark